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Those attracted often cherish early memories of a sexuoerotic tragedy (a "first sighting") involving an object of their future attention, often an older member of the opposite sex, as stereotypical in paraphilic etiology.

About a quarter report discovering the paraphilia in puberty and a few in maturity.

Well over half of DPWs have felt this pathological attraction since childhood, as typical in paraphilias.

The Amelotatist (see References) found that 75 percent of its sample of 195 were aware of the attraction by age fifteen.

'Nor were there any barriers or appropriate guardrails to prevent Tiki Bar patrons and/or hotel guests of visitors from diving off the deck into the shallow water,' the suit says.

My ample breasts are my best feature so I like to show them off a little with a tight blouse.

Until the 1990s, it tended to be described mostly as acrotomophilia, at the expense of other disabilities, or of the wish by some to pretend or acquire disability.

Bruno (1997) systematised the attraction as factitious disability disorder.

A Massachusetts man will receive more than million from a Key West resort after he was left paralyzed from the neck down when he dove into shallow water from a bar deck.

Bob Barlow was visiting Key West in April 2015 to celebrate his 40th birthday.

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