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Barris broke into the motion-picture world with , in two months. The book was widely dismissed by disbelievers who said the creator of some of television's most lowbrow game shows had allowed his imagination to run wild when he claimed to have spent his spare time traveling the world, quietly rubbing out enemies of the United States.

Here are some of our favorite at-home date ideas that we have tried (and loved! I recommend reading it together as a couple and finding ways to implement these ideas into your marriage.

You can get all the info right here, along with a cute printable to make it happen. Watch a sports game together (or record one on the DVR and watch it together later). If it’s warm enough, try to go outside (even if it’s in your own backyard). Find songs with lyrics on You Tube and sing your heart out. You can pick up mugs at the Dollar Store and use a sharpie marker to decorate it.

This recipe for Homemade Spudnuts is my favorite and it makes a TON so you can totally share some with the neighbors (or eat them all yourself .

Sometimes the process was switched, with a male questioning three females. Barris’ success in television led to the self-bestowed moniker “The King of Daytime Television.” Critics, however, called Mr.

But in all cases, the questions were designed by the show's writers to elicit sexy answers. Barris “The Baron of Bad Taste,” “The Ayatollah of Trasherola,” and “The King of Schlock.” In 1980, Mr.

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